What We Do

Young Global Initiative is an organization dedicated to fostering a mutual understanding of perspectives, global affairs and culture. We share new articles and information about harnessing the power of personal education to impact and improve your community and the world. Our members host local events and we collaborate with other youth run organizations in The Youth Corp to spread our message of the love of education. However, that’s not all we want to do! We have big plans for the future of Young Global Initiative:

– We want to have  active, physical roles in areas with limited accessibility to a quality education, such as remote regions of Central America, Africa, and Asia. This includes activities like holding workshops and donating books.

– We would like to be able to provide grants for students with limited financial funds for application fees and score reports since applying to college can be very expensive and the costs often discourage individuals from applying.

– We plan to host workshops on applying to college, such as tips on essay writing and procuring teacher/counselor recommendations – the overall process.  These may be in-person workshops or through online tutorials, such as setting up people with tutors or counselors (free of charge)!

– We also hope to plan and host more community events in order to unify and aid our own personal towns and cities.

We were founded upon the basis of social media and we intend to utilize this power to equip our generation with knowledge and a global understanding!

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