Opportunities: Girls Who Code

Girls Who CodeThe United States Department of Labor states that there will be 1.4 million job openings for computer specialists in 2020. However, only 29% of these open jobs will be able to be filled. Women particularly are a severely under represented group in the technology field. As a result, Girls Who Code (GWC), a national nonprofit organization working to close the gender gap in the technology and engineering sectors, has taken action. GWC inspires girls to not only learn the hard skills of computer science, but also teach valuable soft skills.

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Opportunities: College Fly-In Programs


Are you a high achieving high school student that may struggle with the costs associated with traveling to a college visit? Thankfully, many colleges offer scholarship based fly-in programs that allow prospective students to get a taste of college life while determining if the college will be a good fit.

Below is a comprehensive guide from Examiner.com that details the various programs, their application due dates, and requirements.

Deadlines are quickly approaching so check it out today!



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한국에서 네 학교 생활 – My School Life in Korea

The United States Department of State offers a fantastic opportunity called NSLI-Y for ambitious high school aged students within the U.S. to spend a summer or academic year abroad in an intensive language learning environment. This experience offers generous merit scholarships and is offered in locations that speak Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Russian and Turkish.

One of our executive directors from Las Vegas, Nevada has spent the summer in Jeonju, South Korea and was generous enough to share a snippet of her daily routine with us.


This school was my second home throughout the program.
This school was my second home throughout the program.

Other than the two weeks I spent at a summer program last year, I have never been so busy for so long during summer break. 너무 바빠요.

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Calling all writers!

The Young Global Initiative team is looking for new additions to its staff! This summer is the perfect time to gain professional experience and boost your résumé. Staff writers will contribute one article per month of a minimum of six hundred words that pertains to unique and enlightening issues around the globe. All prospective applicants will receive a Google hangout interview. Inquire today by emailing submissions@youngglobalinitative.com!

YGI Pen Pals

Welcome to YGI Pen Pals! We’re so excited to share this program with everyone!

YGI Pen Pals is essentially an effort to bridge the gap between cultures and make the world smaller. We know that it’s hard to feel connected to foreign places and people when our world is so large and the Internet so faceless, and this is a way to build a meaningful friendship with a person from an unique place that you can learn more about! By clicking on the image below, you can fill out a form for Pen Pals. We’ll then process your application and personally match you with someone who shares your interests! You might be astounded to find out how much you have in common with an individual from a country that’s on the other side of the world! Have fun, and thank you for your interest in Young Global Initiative and YGI Pen Pals!

– The YGI Team

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