The Light of Love

MariaFriday, November 13th, 2015 is a day that will not be forgotten by the people of France or by the world.  It started as a Friday the 13th might usually, with the promise of a new weekend, the usual superstitious jokes that are typically brushed off.

No one could possibly anticipate the horror and the darkness to come in the City of Light that evening.  Imagine yourself in the lively streets of Paris.  Perhaps you are near Bataclan concert hall or the Stade de France.  You hear shots ring out, you see blood and tears, final breaths, unspeakable grief.   There is so much death, with 129 individual human lives taken and 352 people wounded; the whole of France is in mourning. Fear from these terrible events spread past the streets of Paris, past the borders of France, gripping the world with terror and sorrow.

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Beauty in the 21st Century

#nofilter. #nomakeup. #beautiful.

No matter how cringe-worthy this opening may seem, at some point in time, these were exceptionally popular hashtags on Instagram. After all, everyone seems to love celebrating confidence and ‘natural beauty’ in the 21st century. Many online magazines targeting female audiences regularly feature articles like ‘Celebs Who Look Flawless Without Makeup’ whilst many song lyrics that aim to glorify a woman’s bodily beauty focus on the effortless nature of their allure. Even though these forms of celebration can seem positive, they simultaneously point out our underlying assumptions and opinions concerning physical appearance. We are starting to see makeup as the norm – something we desperately need in order to look presentable on a daily basis. Even though celebrities experience more pressure to maintain their weight or skin, we’re all interested in making our faces workable canvases for makeup. However, what happens when you want to go beyond simple facial touch-ups?

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Having Less and Doing More

This summer, I accidentally stumbled across something that would change my life forever: Minimalism. What is minimalism? Minimalism is the act of living with the bare essentials. Minimalists regularly declutter, both physically and mentally. There’s really only one principle: If an object isn’t serving you, either functionally or emotionally, get rid of it. Minimalism helps people to reduce the negative impact they have on the world. They don’t contribute to big businesses and fast fashion. They don’t leave lots of waste that damages the earth. Emotional benefits include feeling lighter, calmer and experiencing less stress. Lifestyle benefits include more free time, improved financial situation and more organization.

All those benefits, achieved by throwing away the ugly jumper my great aunt got me for Christmas last year? Count me in.

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A Call for a Change in the Approach to Politics

When Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign, much of our nation watched with our mouths hung open in shock. In the beginning of the 2016 race, many Americans regarded Donald Trump’s entrance as a publicity stunt, for he had been falsely speculated to run for presidency in 2012. Americans misjudged Trump’s capabilities, deeming it impossible that he, who had explicitly stated his opinions on America’s immigration system in his presidential announcement speech that aroused much controversy, held no chance of gaining support.

This “impossible” billionaire and real estate tycoon candidate now remains at the top of many preliminary polls for the Republican primary race, leading the Republican Party by holding 26 percent of support from registered republicans across America. In the past months, support for Trump has surged significantly, and a win of 2016 looks a little less impossible than it has been before.

Now the main question remains, “Why does Trump hold such a great amount of support?” and “What message is Trump’s popularity sending to the current status of American Politics?”

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When You’re “Feeling Philoslothical”

There is a great meme, as there generally is for nearly all topics, that relates to philosophy. It shows a picture of a sloth with its three claws resting pretentiously on its chin with the words “Feelin’ Philoslothical” on it. It is the perfect meme for many reasons.

One of those reasons is that we all have those days at some point, those cliché and lazy type of days where we question life. It is inevitable to wonder about our lives and the world around us. It is an important part of figuring out who we are as we mature into adults.

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Is Education Unfair?

Education is a tool to liberate- but is it unfair?

Education is truly life changing. Today it shapes people’s lives. It heightens their career prospects, raises them out of poverty, and gives them power to participate in their government. Education, whilst a right, is also a privilege. It enables people to succeed beyond the successes of their parents and families. It can be life changing.

But can education also be used to keep people where they are?

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The Triumphs and Struggles of the Public Special Education Classroom

For most people, the topic of special education is not one that they are familiar with. Unless someone has a family member with a disability, or worked with a person with a disability, it can be difficult to learn about special needs education. Yet, like any other issue, it is an issue that needs further awareness, so that education for those with disabilities may continuously be improved.

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Feminism Flashback: The 1960s

60s ArtWhen we think of the 60’s culture in the America’s, our minds flash images of poppy psychedelic art, tie-dye hippies, retro styled diners, and Polaroid cameras snapping shots of dolled up couples next to Ford Mustangs. We think of the glamorous Hollywood, sunny boulevards, flashy cinemas, and flawless film stars.

In juxtaposition, these dazzling imageries may be overshadowing the real heart and soul of the 60’s. Imagine this scenario: women of all shapes, sizes, and colors crowding city streets, holding up posters demanding gender equality. These protestors demand freedom from male supremacy and discrimination.

But how was this passion for equal rights fueled, what was the catalyst in the Women’s Liberation Movement?

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The Debate on Euthanasia: Against the Right to Die

Suicide. The word makes your stomach turn and your heart rate rise. There’s something about suicide that leaves you feeling empty, filled with regret and sorrow. He or She should not have chosen suicide as the only route. Life is too precious. Yet, assisted suicide through death with dignity laws gains support under impressions that death is a better option for them. They may chose suicide, and we may be okay with it.

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The Universality of Women’s Empowerment

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.31.16 PMWith the darkness that patriarchy, institutional oppression, and unequal rights can bring to many countries, many remarkable women radiate a light of defiance. All around the globe, female figures are becoming more distinguished in society and their influentially strong voices are being amplified. The following three women come from three different countries but the story of their lives all hold inspiration through dedication.

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